Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Yesterday was the most loved/hated holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. This “hallmark holiday” as I like to call it, came and went just like all the rest. Although I don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s day as some do, I still enjoy celebrating with the one’s I love. Growing up, my father would always buy me a teddy bear, usually the one’s that would sing and dance, and a funny card on Valentine’s Day. I loved that tradition that I shared with my dad while I was growing up. 

This year for Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I went to our local ice rink to skate and then made dinner at home. I even wore this pink Oxford polo to get in the Valentine’s spirit. This polo is one of my favorites, it’s a men’s (Shhh..) so it’s super baggy and comfy! You can find the baby blue version of it here. My two-tone watch is Michael Kors and it is a staple for me. I love how versatile it is – I wear it with almost everything. Here is a similar version of it I found on the Michael Kors site. My dainty silver necklace is from Stella & Dot and it has quickly become one of my favorites since it came out a few weeks back. Also, it doesn’t move too much on my neck so I don’t have to keep adjusting to put the clasp in the back. It’s called The Wishing Necklace and it comes in silver, gold, and rose gold!


February is officially halfway over and that means summer is right around the corner. With only a few snow falls this season, Washington, D.C. hasn’t had a typical winter. Most days recently have even  gotten up into the 50s! I am excited for it to start getting warm because that means I can pull out my summer closet – which I love!

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